Your interest in exploring the possibilities of establishing a relationship with Naples Equity Advisors, LLC is something we take very seriously. Perhaps when you have looked though the following pages of this site, you will sense something different.You see, we don’t sell anything. We don’t have sales meetings and we don’t employ sales assistants. All of our services are fee based, and our mission is to provide a professional yet personal service to you our client. We welcome phone calls, and as a matter of fact, we all answer our own phones. Conferences are as often as needed. Why not put us to the test. Call Will at 239.777.0798


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“I am no longer an advocate of elaborate techniques of security analysis in order to find superior value opportunities.”

~Benjamin Graham~

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Back to Basics

Over the past few years, there have been
“once -in-a-lifetime” events in the investment world that have humbled even the best advisors and their followers. Greed and fear were at their best (or is it their worst?). We maintain that it was investors who changed, not sound investment principals. Obsessions with performance created elaborate strategies and overly sophisticated investment products, including derivatives. Investors let uncommon returns overrule common sense. “Too good to be true” turned out to be exactly that.  We strongly believe the time has come to return
to strategies of common sense--it’s back to basics all over again.

Losing money in the market is just one way of defining risk. Perhaps more important is the loss of purchasing power caused by inflation. We believe equities provide one of the best ways to offset the threat of inflation. We particularly like companies whose growth of earnings permit growth of dividends. This creates more spendable income even in the face of cyclical declining markets. Accordingly, over the long trend, increasing earnings and increasing dividends enhance the probabilities of increasing market values. Pretty simple strategy,  but it requires pretty intensive research. Which stocks look best? That’s our job!

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